FOM-458 Olenia S. vs Svetlana Kr.


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This was one of the best extreme fights we’d ever seen happening and we’re quite surprised that we had kept it unreleased for such a long time. It’s almost 10 years old and from the summer event 1999 with at that time new but very determined fighter Olenia versus a more experienced Svetlana. There’s kicking and boxing, hair pulling and catfight at once, plus there is an incredible aggressiveness in this fight. The needle was particularly presented by Olenia who was a superb and such a gifted fighter. She just didn’t want to submit. Everybody would have given up that match if she were her, but Olenia did always fight back and Svetlana got pretty much into troubles with that young and strong but pretty new opponent. However, we feel being obliged to announce a special warning: This match is such a hard fought extreme fight that it is only recommended to those of you who are totally fearless and not fainthearted at all. For anybody else out there, watching this extreme fight would be a too shocking experience and it is therefore not recommended to watch it. Always take into consideration that these women were trained fighters and therefore it would be totally impossible for untrained or amateurish trained women trying to do the same or similar. This is a fighting style for the very few best of the best athletes in this world only. Those of you who love this kind of fights will be overly excited when watching their fight while those of you who don’t like things like that should better skip it.

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