FOM-649 Nick vs Laila


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Nick and Laila are students from a nearby school and they’re visiting a gallery. In that gallery they’re finding a mat which was used as an exhibit of an artist. Nick is trying out the mat by doing some gymnastics and so does Laila. One word gives the other and finally Laila challenges Nick for wrestling her. This is exactly what the young guy waited for a long time. He dreamt of that beautiful, sporty girl many, many nights. That beautiful fellow female student would really like to wrestle him here and now? He didn’t hesitate and of curse he did accept her challenge because he was in believe that this was just fun and that it would be easy for a guy like him to dominate that beautiful girl. However, finally the sad reality came out much different than it it happened in Nick’s sweet dreams. Sporty girls like Laila are stronger than guys and Laila was dominating him from the beginning and the more he was trying to do and the more aggressive he was, the easier that girl could show him her superior strength. She made fun of him and once again one word gave the other. Laila forced him to tell her that he was weaker than the girls and she did it more than just once. If you enjoy real wrestling matches held in a quite nice scenario, watch that one. That guy could have been you, too! What has happened here was probably every student’s fantasy as well as every student’s nightmare both at once.

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