FOM-658 Laila vs Richard


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


First of all, please note: This is a semi competitive mixed wrestling match and except for a nonstop SGPIN throughout all the time, and except for that guy being slapped, dominated and humiliated, there’s no wrestling at all in this movie. Fans of competitive and sporting wrestling matches shouldn’t watch this movie because they might be disappointed. We weren’t sure if at all or when we should try to release that unusual sponsored mixed movie. However, we believe that time has come for doing that because some fans did already ask us that we should release that movie. As a true bargain in the FOM-series that movie might obviously almost perfectly fit well for many of you. Fans of long SGPINs and fans of strong ladies dominating and humiliating guys, however, will love this semi-competitive mixed movie anyway.

Laila is ready for going out for dinner while her boyfriend hasn’t finished yet with washing up their dirty dishes. Laila is upset of him for being such slow and not doing their housekeeping as she’d like it to be done by him. Now she decides that he once again deserves a pounding. She’s much stronger than that guy and soon she’s sitting on him in a SGPIN, dominating and humiliating him. Once he’s trying to escape and once he starts to talk nonsense and not obeying her, she starts slapping him and she literally tortures him. Perhaps he even liked that. Of course we know that some of you would have loved being in his position and role and also being beaten up totally and resting helpless below such a beautiful and strong lady.

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