FOM-666 Barbara vs Nick


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is an interesting mixed wrestling match between a young guy and his elder sister. Barbara was a strong young woman and she was tall and competitive. Her younger brother Nick was physically equally matched with his elder sister. There had been lots of pride at stake in this pins and submissions wrestling match because Nick was certainly keen of showing her elder sister that he grew up being the stronger one nowadays. However, once again he had to admit that his sister’s strong and big muscles were way too much for him. Although he was fighting as if he would fight for his life, his elder sister was literally playing around with her younger brother once again. She’s simply too strong for this young guy and both her arms and her legs were better and stronger than his own. This was a true reality and it happened for real. We do believe that there are many other guys out there who already had or still have similar experience with their so much stronger sisters and whose pride might perhaps be afraid of another physical test of strength with one of their stronger sisters since they already know or perhaps they might expect that their sisters are still stronger than the guys. This is a great example that the girls aren’t weaker than the guys in a fight. It’s just our society who falsely claims that it is so.

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