DWW-317-02 Women on Top
Barbara vs Petr


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Barbara vs Petr

This is a title for mixed wrestling fans who want men equally matched with the women, and who are not bothered if a man pins a woman or makes her submit in a totally sporting contest of strength and skill. In the first match, Petra has a pins only match against Petr, who is by now a very skilled wrestler and definitely a “big strong boy”. You will see powerful, painful grapevine pins, pins by both body press and cross-body press, as these young people use the whole mat. Following on, tall Barbara wants to give Petr a hard match in the same style. She’s a wily character and it’s clearly not easy to pin her. The third match is also for pins only. Clara uses her strong athletic thighs to counter the sheer physical strength of rugby player Martin. Since his first appearance he has grown up to be a tough youg man. Does the young rugger guy have a chance against the female track and field athlete? In the last match Petra is again determined to beat a man as convincingly as possible. In this match, scissors are allowed too, making it much easier to make the opponent submit. Many fans know that Petra just loves to squeeze men into humiliation with her tree like legs. Can she do it again?

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Four non-topless mixed wrestling matches on the mat
Petra (26) vs. Petr (21)
Barbara (24) vs. Petr (21)
Clara (23) vs. Martin (18)
Petra (25) vs. David (24)

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Duration 17 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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