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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Is it the dream of every young guy? Three beautiful and strong topless women in tiny thongs are going to challenge him for three competitive and real wrestling matches. It’s not all of them against him at once but one after another in three competitive mixed wrestling matches. But wait! Couldn’t there be a slight possibility that his dream would end in a real nightmare? Perhaps that’s possible when these women weren’t just strong but if they could wrestle for real, too? After arm wrestling each of the women, poor Dorian is challenging Denise as his first opponent because he did believe that the oldest woman of the three did look like “if she were the weakest woman”. We could imagine that he was wrong and Denise was slightly upset, too. Now she really wanted to show him, having no mercy! Dorian, however, is a strong and a muscular young guy having quite some confidence and that guy had been pretty sure that he could “eat those women for breakfast”. Check the outcome of the first match in this series of three competitive mixed wrestling matches.

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