MOVIES-973 Valentin vs Denise


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Valentin is a new guy and he’s strong, but we were perhaps pretty mean when drawing him up against strong and skilled Denise as his first female opponent. This is a pins and submissions mixed wrestling match. It’s no surprise that strong Denise was playing around with that poor guy. She’s not just always pinning him nor always squeezing him into agony with her strong thighs but she literally tussles that strong but inexperienced guy into total humiliation both with female tricks and female power, primarily attacking the weak points of this poor guy while letting him always feel the matter of fact that he did represent the weaker and more vulnerable gender. We believe that after this match he didn’t really know about what just had happened to him except for the pain and frustration he did constantly feel and receive. In the near future he might likely try to avoid any physical conflicts with women his size ….

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