MOVIES-528 Paul S vs Antscha


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Paul S. is a confident young man and a wrestling newcomer he is, too. He did not believe us that a woman would have a chance versus a man like him and he made some terrible mistakes in the beginning in that he did not use his chances but rather tried to make fun about the woman when he had her in a good position. When Antscha had found out her tactics how to get a good grip of the young, sporting man, he became desperate. His pride was broken and although he tried once successfully to submit “in fun” before Antscha was able to pin him and to humiliate his pride, he couldn’t do this more often than just once. Step by step Antscha took control of his body and although he was probably stronger than Antscha, he had no chance of doing anything at all against her speed and her skills. Step by step Antscha didn’t only get control over his struggling body but she also humiliated his pride. Very competitive match !

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