MOVIES-598 Antscha vs Mark


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This mixed match is completely different. This is a young and ambitious guy and he fights like a lion to defend his honour. If you saw him in a bar fight versus a guy he wouldn’t look much different. This young guy is tall and strong and fit. Unfortunately for him he can’t wrestle but Antscha is like a wrestling snake. At some point during the fight he’s almost crazy as he doesn’t know how to win. His honour is at stake. Will he lose his honour or will he wrestle such aggressively that he could beat up Antscha ? Or would Antscha rather enjoy his brutality and aggressiveness by giving him back in kind ? There are no nice words exchanged between these two during an all out battle between the genders. This is a totally different mixed fight environment with a completely different spirit than the other matches released in this latest HWW mixed wrestling series. If we wouldn’t know how skilled and experienced Antscha is, then we would probably have had to break this match and probably stop this as this young guy got almost crazy when he found himself losing. This is a great match for those of you who love and enjoy aggressive mixed matches.

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