MOVIES-591 Lucille vs Eva N.


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There are two teams in this SGPIN to submissions team event. Gorgeous Nina and beautiful Eva N. are challenging tough Lucille and natural born fighter Leslie. Both teams are equally strong and Nina is probably the biggest of the four women while visually Leslie seems to be the weakest of them. However, we all know Leslie’s intense fighting spirit and her great SGPIN techniques. Once she’s sitting on you, you’re lost, no matter if her opponent is bigger and stronger. Lucille is well known as a fit and strong woman, too. However, it’s not easy to get tough fighters like Eva and Nina into sgpins and even harder it is making them submit in such a pin. Since this is a team event where friends are in each team, those are some of the most competitive SGPIN matches ever. They’re breathtakingly intense and they’re real fights with the team members cheering on their friends. This series is a collectors item for every SGPIN fan ! In the fourth match, the two muscular strongest and fittest combatants of this event are fighting to a finish and there’s no love lost between them: Eva N. and Lucille !

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