MOVIES-719 Pamela vs Anastasia


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What’s one of the best ideas for making two wrestlers aggressive and highly emotional already long before their fight had started? Tell one of them that she should attend late and keep the other one waiting for her. That’s exactly what has happened here. Anastasia is very upset about Pamela attending more than an hour late and one word gives the other and then even a short pre-catfight emerges between them. Then they’re going to start their oil wrestling match. Wrestling? No way! It’s an almost ultimate nude catfight in oil. No love lost. It is very difficult using the right words for this extremely good action since at some point of an exciting, overwhelming and praising description you’re always lacking new words for “climax” pretty soon. If there were any words available that are perhaps quoted higher and better than “ultimate climax” to be used for the description of a fight, we’d definitely use them here. Pictures speak more than a thousand words, that’s why we don’t want to tell you too much except for: Watch it to believe it! We’re really speechless about their impressive action. This is without doubt one of the best and most intense fights ever having been released on this website. A true collector’s classic. Period!

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