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That wrestling match is an exciting and very competitive rematch between two very evenly matched women: Eva N. and Pamela. Although Pamela is bigger and heavier than Eva, all of us would already know that Eva could probably handle Pamela by using her tremendous fighting spirits and her powerful arms. This time there was a wrestling match for submissions only and no scissors submissions were allowed with those rules either. Both women are very aggressive and their match is extremely competitive. They didn’t miss out any holds they knew. With their muscular and perfectly built nude female bodies they are a great sight to watch at, too. First Pamela is trying to breast smother Eva, but Eva is quick and her head is hardly to be fixed under Pamela’s huge breasts. That way was surely a no go for Pamela for making Eva submit. Then Eva is turning the tables trying to do the same with Pamela’s face but strong Pamela doesn’t submit either. Then there are some perfectly applied sgpins and some smothering sexy face sit pins on both sides but again none of them would submit. Finally Pamela tries the breast to breast bear hug, using her gigantic breasts to flatten Eva’s breasts and her strong arms for pressing the last bit of oxygen from her smaller, but hard struggling rival’s lungs. Is that too much for Eva? If you think so, then you don’t know Eva’s great fighting spirit. Finally one woman has got to submit and that’s where this download will end. However, for those of you who’d like to see what happens between two great female rivals AFTER their match ended, and if those of you don’t mind if it’s getting even more erotic then, we recommend you watching the even more exciting second part of this match from our erotic tribgirls site.

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