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Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is the first mixed oil wrestling on this website and we think that some of the mixed wrestling fans will like this idea. It’s still competitive wrestling. We thought that the oil adds up to the beauty of Mel and that the oil would improve the sight of the body of a young guy, too. Our second thought had been that Mel would have a slight advantage in oil because Patrick had never wrestled in oil before and a quick and an aggressive woman could perhaps outwit him when it’s getting slippery between their bodies. However, having seen that match we believe that the oil was even a disadvantage for Mel as she had been the dominating wrestler, however, the slippery oily bodies often helped Patrick escaping her submission holds in the very last moments. However, we are sure that many of our mixed wrestling fans had long waited for a 100% competitive oil wrestling match between the genders. If you like them we’ll definitely continue and we promise that next time in oil Patrick would get a lady as an opponent he would be afraid of, from the very first minute he’d see her. Not that she’s that big and strong, but perhaps that sexy? Who knows?

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