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This is an exciting oil wrestling pins and submissions match between DWW newcomer Mary-Ann and Pamela in the garden. Mary-Ann had previously wrestled in discotheques and in nightclubs and she’s already a pretty good wrestler with strong arms and strong legs. We thought that Pamela is about equally skilled and equally strong although Pamela is a more experienced wrestler by having already had many matches versus many equally strong and even stronger opponents. As their athletic and muscular bodies are pretty evenly matched this creates an exciting wrestling match with both blondes getting the upper hand from time to time. Particularly fans of strong scissors and head scissors will love this match. There is an interview before the match and having heard what they had to say we believe that both women do not only have respect of each other but confirmed that they also like each others bodies, creating an erotic tension from the very beginning although in their match there is still a pretty strong rivalry. Perhaps Mary-Ann – who’s actually Denise’s best friend – will be up for more in the future? Pamela would certainly enjoy her. Watch Mary-Ann’s first match for DWW and we are already pretty sure that you won’t regret it. We also believe that once she could gain some more experience with some of the stronger opponents that she might become much better in the future than she already is. Mary-Ann has got great physical strength potential for becoming one of the best, but until then she needs a lot more matches versus good and aggressive opponents to improve her experience in some real, hard and really strong fights.

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