MOVIES-776 Denise vs Jana N. – catfight


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This is a catfight in jeans between our currently best and strongest catfighters. In a normal wrestling match Jana wouldn’t have any chances versus bigger and stronger Denise, however, in a catfight it had been always the contrary so far as Jana is a natural born and gifted catfighter. This time however it is Denise who wanted to show Jana once and for all who the better woman is. Both women are catfighting in tight jeans and their tops are quickly shred into pieces. This is an extremely intense catfight and while you’re watching them falling hard against the concrete wall, and even into our visitors and also outside the mats onto the hard floor then you’ll understand how intense this fight is and you’ll be certainly shocked if you’re faint-hearted. This is a real fight and there are absolutely no friends on the mats. This is an awesome catfight! Finally there is a winner but the winner isn’t the “real winner” as this fight had to be stopped since both women were injured and even the “winner” had tears in her eyes. Does that tell you a little bit how intense their fight had been? This match certainly calls for a rematch, but ONLY IF sufficient fans like to watch this very intense catfight on our website. However, we believe that their fight probably might have been too intense for some of you.

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