MOVIES-810 Mary-Ann vs Eva N.


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This is a competitive oil wrestling match between two beautiful and fit young women in sexy sling strings. Sling strings are revealing it all and therefore it’s an almost nude wrestling match and we put it into the nude category although they’re both wearing those sling strings all the time. There’s a great rivalry between those two women and their match is getting pretty aggressive. Although Eva is the lighter, the slimmer and the smaller woman, we know that she’s much stronger than she looks like and she’s giving Mary-Ann a great match and forcing her for giving everything she could do. Needless to say that the sight and the feeling of two oil glistening beautiful bodies, breast to breast and crotch to crotch wrestling each other isn’t just an erotic fantasy for many viewers but nevertheless an erotic stimulus for every real women, too. While experienced Eva is trying to weaken Mary-Ann with some female tricks and treats, Mary-Ann can’t deny that she’s enjoying that match a bit more and usual and in an obviously different way than she would have probably expected.

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