MOVIES-826 Pamela vs Lucille vs Nina


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


This is a release many of you had waited for a long time to become true. Those are three competitive nude fights within a round robin tournament with special wrestling rules. However, those of you who prefer the “normal wrestling” would probably be the only ones who won’t enjoy this video because the rules were quite special: Those three women should try to make their opponent submit by breast to breast bearhugs or otherwise by squeezing their upper thigh between her own thighs only. Those were the only two ways how to win a fall. Hair pulling was allowed to speed up the action and to remove your opponent from the top position. Otherwise they were all the time hard wrestling with legs interlocked and breast to breast, bear hug squeezing each others upper bodies into submission and sometimes even into agony. There was an interesting interview with the three women before the match and there’s some trash talk during the matches, too. There are three excellent matches for the price of one! If you love big breasts, if you love muscular female thighs, if you love real breast fighting, if you love thigh squash and if you love aggressiveness, then this will be a “must have” video for you. However, if you prefer the technical skills of different wrestling holds or pins or scissors, then it’ll be better for you if you’d skip this match. Particularly interesting in this video is once again the ongoing rivalry between the two sisters. This time Pamela was quite sure that she could finish off her younger sister as she surely has the bigger breasts. However, Lucille is a tough fighter and she’s extremely ambitious! Who of the two sisters will have finally cried “Uncle”? Or was it perhaps much bigger Nina who had finished them off both?

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Duration 44 minutes
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MP4 1280×720 50fps (H.264)

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