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This is a nude oil wrestling match starting with some exciting test of strength contests between two of the fittest and strongest wrestlers in our team. Both Lucille and Gloria are extremely well trained with both having defined leg muscles, shoulders and arm muscles and it was surely a must for us having them in some test of strength contests before their match begins. There is leg wrestling, arm wrestling and there are two oiled up bearhug breast-to-breast test of strength routines first. Then their competitive oil wrestling match begins but they’re soon completely nude as it is more convenient for wrestling naked in the oil. Lucille could already realise in the test of strength routines that Gloria is a very strong woman and that she’s a very dangerous opponent, she’s perhaps even stronger than Lucille. However, Lucille also knew that she had much more experience in the oil and that she’s quicker than Gloria. Could that advantage help her to win this match? There are both pins and submissions in this oil wrestling match and it’s definitely one of the finest and most excellent oil wrestling matches of its kind. It’s certainly a must for all fans of strong and competitive women in real wrestling.

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