MOVIES-716 Lucille vs Marketa K.


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This match is a real blast for all fans of competitive but very erotic oil wrestling matches. We all know and love Lucille and we know that she’s the best when it comes to wrestle PLUS finding the limits of an opponent. She loves to find out how far her opponent might go with her. She loves finding out at what point her opponent is going to aggressively defend her virginity on the wrestling mat. Lucille’s hands will be always everywhere and nowhere, depending if she had to defend herself or if she had time to attack. Her hands will even deliberately approach and spot forbidden parts of her female rivals’ bodies. Lucille loves seeing her opponent struggling and feeling her hands and her fingers exploring breasts and crotches and she also loves seeing their reactions: Emotions going from being intimidated and aggressively defending to being excited and sometimes even getting hot for Lucille. Besides that, Lucille is always able to fight and even to dominate while she’s exploring bodies and lust of her opponents. She’s the perfect aggressor in any sense. Marketa however is known as a pretty conservative and intolerant wrestler who’s doing only her thing. She’s probably the worst opponent for somebody like Lucille who doesn’t only want to win but who also enjoys exploring how far she could go. This is exactly what is making that oil wrestling match such exciting. On one side there is a completely confident and somehow even potty Lucille and on the other side there is conservative Marketa who was originally in for an oil wrestling match but who soon found herself that she had to aggressively defend her “mat virginity” against that blonde aggressor. This is a fantastic oil wrestling match and we wonder how excited you’d be in the end. Would you be more or less excited than Marketa in the end?

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