MOVIES-883 Luna vs Renata B.


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This is a fantastic nude catfight between one of our veterans and new but ambitious and quickly improving Luna. There is a prefight interview with Luna while Renata is preparing for the fight. Luna is cocky and confident with her answers as ever and Renata is pretty upset about her attitude. Renate challenges Luna for a nude catfight. This is a indeed real challenge for Luna as she’s not only pretty inexperienced in wrestling but she hasn’t had many catfights before either. On the other hand, Renata is one of the most experienced woman, she’s strong and she definitely knows how to catfight. Will she be able teaching cocky Luna a lesson? Or will Luna be strong and brutal enough for forcing Renata into submission and tears? This is not only a power struggle catfight between two of the strongest women you would expect to see in a catfight, this is pretty much a war between two generations. Will younger Luna take the throne? Watch a hard and tough catfight to the finish if you like to see strong and skilled female fighters! It’s simply wonderful if you love catfights!

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