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This is the battle many you had dreamt about. There’s literally nothing hiding between them. This is womanhood vs womanhood, strength vs strength and pride vs pride. Petra is as strong and fit as ever. She’s determined like a bulldog for winning this fight at all costs. She would never accept that such a young, cocky newcomer like Luna would take away her title as the strongest woman in town. Petra has heard that Luna has become a dangerous rival for her who really loves to dominate and to humiliate losers. However, although Petra is showing respect she’s not afraid of Luna. Will there be a change of generations and titles after this match? There’s more than pride at stake since it’s agreed about that the winner would be able to order the loser whatever she wants her to do for her. Could you imagine proud Petra as a submissive servant? Could you imagine proud Luna as a submissive servant? Neither could we, but we knew that one of them will be the one finally admitting defeat and admitting that the other woman being really the best. Who will be the dominatrix and who will be the one of the two true warriors who’s getting totally beaten up and humiliated in the end? Watch this exciting and tough wrestling match (during the majority of the time this is a nude wrestling match). It’s both on and off the mats fighting. There’s true rivalry and needle in this match. This is a real fight. You’ll be shocked since none of the two women will hold back. Our studio is a total mess afterwards. There’s no love lost between them, their motto was: It’s either “you or me” – no limits, no rules, no mercy! Warning: Don’t watch this match if you’re one of the feint-hearted. You won’t be able to enjoy it then. It’s only made for those of you who’re experienced viewers of real fights. Finally there is an about 5 minutes long domination and humiliation that turns out to become such erotic and dominant in the end that we had to stop part 2 where the match did actually end and where the winner was identified and then we did only add part 2 (approx. 5 minutes of domination as part 2) onto our erotic site into TRIB-0406. Those of you who don’t mind watching if one woman is dominant and who’s satisfying her personal needs by a helpless and hopeless loser should enjoy watching the “grand final furioso”, too. Those of you, however, who do just like to watch their fight will be happy with only part 1 as well.

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