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There are two of the strongest female fighters in an all out brutal catfight to the finish. This is “woman versus woman” at its highest level and it even continued after one woman was finished off completely. Both Gloria and Luna are very strong women who know how to fight and who are tough, confident and athletic women. Although Luna is bigger than Gloria this match is competitive and evenly matched since Gloria is more experienced and her muscular thighs are amongst the strongest and most dangerous pairs of thighs on earth. There’s no mercy in this fight as the two women previously agreed (there’s a pre-fight interview!) that the winner could do with the unlucky loser whatever she wanted, without any limits. It’s a tough and pretty violent apartment fight. First they’re topless but 50% of the time they’re completely nude except for their stockings. They’re ruthless and reckless and aggressively fighting versus each other since none of them would have enjoyed being the final victim of the (perhaps “pervert”?) fantasies of the better woman. This is exactly what so many of you do enjoy to see: A real fight between two women that doesn’t stop where it ends but what’s giving the winner an extra chance to enjoy her triumph like it had been in her best and hottest fantasies. For the unfortunate loser, however, this scenario might become a final nightmare. See the final (very erotic) humiliation scene in part 2 released as TRIB-0415.

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