MOVIES-912 Renata B. vs Kimbra


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This is another topless international wrestling match between strong, ambitious and totally determined Kimbra and Renata B. This is a match between two generations, too, as Renata is much older than Kimbra. Could the younger woman teach her older opponent a lesson? Renata is very aggressive, but Kimbra just won’t give up. Several times she’s definitely in deep trouble but Renata simply can’t make her submit like she can make submit any other woman. Kimbra would always find a way to succeed whether or not she’s suffering the ultimate pain. On the other hand, Kimbra’s wrestling style is quite brutal and reckless both against herself as well as against her opponent. Step by step she’s able to disenchant Renata’s will and ambition to wrestle and to win this match. For some moments this match is a real fight and it’s not only once going pretty close towards the borders of what we would accept. For those of you who do enjoy very hard, sometimes reckless and extremely tough wrestling style, this match could definitely become one of the highlights of our event matches. Those of you, however, who prefer it to be “fair sports” should perhaps prefer skipping their match. Since we did already present you our wonderful and informative event introduction scenes in 8 of the previously released event videos, we did waive it now, and therefore the complete time of the displayed video will actually be their wrestling match.

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