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Pia definitely is a great talent when if comes about applying the SGPIN and she had already shown us many times. However, she hasn’t lost any SGPIN matches before and the sponsor of this match meant to be cruel to Pia as he did obviously enjoy watching Pia receiving a taste of her “own medicine”: The long SGPIN to a submission. Of course all of us do know that Pia isn’t easy being pinned as she’s strong and very flexible as a former gymnast. Therefore we’ve had to make it a so called “catch weight competition” by giving her a much bigger and much taller woman as her opponent: Nikita! We do all know that Nikita is a great SGPIN lover, too, and she does enjoy sitting on another woman, too. Would Nikita be able to let Pia feel the same what Pia handed out to so many other girls before? Will she be able to dominate a hard struggling and aggressive but little Pia in long SGPINs to a submission and to a finish? We shall only promise you that Pia did all she could do and it had been all but easy for much bigger Nikita. This competitive wrestling match isn’t just for fans of the SGPIN only but it’s also a must have for those of you who love watching a much bigger woman fighting a much smaller woman to the finish.

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