MOVIES-926 Mary-Ann vs Emanuella and Miriam


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This is very erotic topless two versus one breast style SGPIN sitting. Imagine some gorgeous girls who’re members of a sorority are having fun after rising up with the sun. Every morning before going to school they’re having excitement in dominating one of the weaker girls of their dorm in their rooms by sitting on their helpless victim in a long SGPIN. Imagine the dominated girl having fun and excitement, too, while being dominated by two stronger but gorgeous looking and sexy female students. This sponsored issue of another semi competitive but very long and very erotic breast style SGPIN features Mary-Ann being first overwhelmed (for about 2 minutes) and then helplessly pinned by both strong Emanuella and Miriam. All three students are showing great excitement in doing so. This is a very erotic and very long semi competitive two vs one SGPIN. If you don’t like SGPINs and if you don’t enjoy erotic breast style SGPIN sitting then better skip this video.

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