MOVIES-932 Nikita vs Yvonne


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Nikita is much taller than Yvonne but Yvonne knows that she always needs to give her very best and even more in a match since she also knows very well that she’s not amongst the more popular wrestlers. Nikita is quite surprised and probably also upset by Yvonne’s resistance as she had expected an easy match and an easy domination. However, Yvonne is fighting her as if it would be about her life and soon the bigger but very surprised woman finds herself in deep trouble. This is an exciting topless wrestling match for submissions only with both women dressed in pantyhose. The first part of the match they’re wearing a skirt, too. If you like intense submissions only wrestling between a small and a big woman but the very ambitious smaller woman making the bigger woman suffering quite a lot, then this is for you. Will the bigger woman finally prevail?

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