MOVIES-749 Leo vs Denise


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Leo is a new guy who had his first wrestling match for DWW. He’s young, strong and he’s a tall and muscular guy and therefore he’s a real challenge for our any of our best female wrestlers. However, Denise is truly one of our best and one of the strongest females. It’s a tough competition for a new guy having to wrestle topless Denise. They begin with arm wrestling for testing each others strength and already there he realises that Denise won’t be as easy to beat up as he had thought that women would be. Denise uses all her skills and techniques in this wrestling match and she actually had to do whatever she could because this guy was aggressively wrestling and really trying to win this match. This wrestling match is a true power struggle between two muscular representatives of both genders and a wonderful release for our mixed wrestling fans who still like the real and honest wrestling competition between strong men and women.

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