MOVIES-986 Denise vs Ivan


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is a mixed wrestling match that we did specially present to our live event guests who love mixed wrestling. Ivan is a very strong guy! Denise, however, is a strong and skilled woman and she was keen teaching him a lesson in front of the live audience. This is an aggressive mixed wrestling match since neither Ivan nor Denise enjoyed being the loser. Both were giving more than 100% and they had to! Ivan was very strong but Denise was quicker and she has very strong legs! There are submissions on both sides and we promise you that you’ll love this mixed wrestling match if you like the sports of wrestling and if you like REAL mixed wrestling matches. The intensity of this wrestling match was at least as top as the intensity was in our best sports female wrestling matches. This is a true collector’s item for mixed wrestling fans with a wonderful demonstration of female strength versus a muscular and very strong guy who did fight to the finish and who had been completely exhausted and full of sweat in the end of this fight.

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