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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 07:51 IP:
Name: JJ
Subject: Adventkalendar
Great to see the Adventkalendar has returned this year since it was greatly missed for the last two years.

Well done to all the DWW team & all the best for 2011.

Kind Regards
JJ (DWW Movies Subscriber)
Sunday, November 28, 2010 14:47 IP:
Name: dia8monds
Subject: women wrestling
Thursday, September 09, 2010 11:50 IP:
Name: Wayne
Subject: mixed wrestling
would like to view some videos
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 04:53 IP:
Name: Henk1969
Subject: My favorite wrestlers
Hello Everyone ,
My name is Henk from the Netherlands , I am a big fan of DWW and my favorite wrestlers here are : Antscha , Viktoria M , Denise , Edita , Lucille and her sister Pamela.
I know that Antscha and Viktoria are also avaible for sessions , but are the others also avaible for sessions ??
Greetings Henk
Monday, August 23, 2010 17:06 IP:
Name: fabgaubain (the shadow blood warrio
Subject: Pourquoi pas un classement
itself in alphabetical order with the victories and defeats
Or in descending rank from the best. Even put a podium with three champions they would be represented in pictures with a crown of mistletoe or other to show who is the queen of dwwgalaxy

It could have a ranking specialties (catfight, wrestling topless wrestling bikini, mixed wrestling, etc.)

Then I found that a minority of records remain in the fog because it is not marked "what they do as a sport such as specialty and Antscha and some other warriors whose record is incomplete (perhaps choice)

this is just an idea
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 14:52 IP:
Name: David
Subject: Newest mixed content
I have been a fan of DWW for years because they have some of the most athletic and beautiful girls out of any video producer. I was extremely pleased to see some of the latest mixed wrestling content which included face sit pins. That was a very pleasant surprise to find when browsing for new videos. Looking forward to seeing more videos like that. Keep up the great work DWW.
Wednesday, August 11, 2010 07:58 IP:
Name: Webfan
Subject: Finally facesitting in mixed matches
Really glad to see DWW FINALLY including actual facesitting in their mixed wrestling matches (not girls sitting with their crotch on the neck of the guy).

I know the facesitting is only in 1 match so far (and it was a "sponsored" match), but with any luck it will sell many copies and cause DWW to wake up, and realize they do have some customers that want to see facesitting, or other erotic content, in mixed matches.

DWW can't be shy about erotic content, I mean look at Tribgirls ;) Don't be afraid to work the guys over too.
Sunday, August 01, 2010 11:12 IP:
Name: Michelle
Subject: mixed wrestling
In my opinion this website is a little bit sexist. The women are once again sextoys of the male spectators. Why do only they have to be dressed up in strings so that nothing is left to the imagination and can the boys wear shorts. Why don't they wear strings, so that we, women can equally fantasize about them?
Monday, July 12, 2010 12:41 IP:
Name: Martinafan
Subject: Martina
Happy Birthday Martina! Yesterday (11th July) she turned 36!

I always wonder if she will ever consider coming back to DWW. At 23 years old, she was a very beautiful wrestler, and always gave 100% all the time in her matches. I would like to see her wrestle now, and I bet that today, she looks just as beautiful at 36 as she did when she was 23!

Although new wrestlers are always welcome, yesterday's girls always get me a bit nostalgic. There are some left at DWW, but watching Lenka, Monika, Melanie etc from the 1990's and that includes Martina, who was just an ordinary girl who looked exceptional and tried to wrestle as best as she could. And that gritty determination saw her through tough matches.

DWW-101 is another great match she had when she took on Monika (whom she fought and beat in DWW-104). This time it was a nude catfighting match. She struggled and struggled and it took a lot out of her. But eventually she won through, proving that she had a lot more talent if it was given time to mature and for her to get more experience.

After her win, the final pose of Martina standing completely naked and proud with her arms up in triumph facing the camera without a hint of shyness looks fantastic. A beautiful smile, long natural red hair, a lovely body and an unlocked talent. That was and is Martina. Happy Birthday!
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 12:46 IP:
Name: austin40
Subject: None
First timseeing this and it is good for the little that I seen, you need more small mpegs that are free so you can get an idea if you want the movie or not

editor: All preview clips are free for members.
Friday, April 02, 2010 15:01 IP:
Name: glutzka
Subject: dww
Thursday, March 04, 2010 09:11 IP:
Name: Loïc
Subject: smelly barefoot catfight ! woaw
Dear DWW!

I've always been aroused at the sight of women cat fighting, a true set to between women. Once, I was 18, now I’m 54, a cruel fight broke out between my aunt Marcella an aggressive looking black long hair and her neighbour a sharp looking blonde girl. After a vigorous and cruel hair pulling, things became more and more serious... and more and more exciting
Marcella kicked out her heels and asked her rival to do so. The two women ready for a woman to woman combat, flied at each other from a standing face off, slap and pulled hair at lighting speed to a rude woman to woman clash on the ground.( like the spectacular catfights in BSA -252).
On their knees, Janine rip at Marcella’s hair as she squeezed the breath out of her with legs scissor, a tight head scissors to calm my aunt down a bit. She sinks her nails into the redhead’s unprotected breasts. The two women pulled each other hair out by the roots.
With incredibly heavy slapping, unrestrained hair pulling and painful wedgies, their clothes get ripped to little pieces until in each case the fighters continue to fight wholly nude to the finish. Their dresses didn’t last long and I discovered very quickly the colour and style of their bras. The two women, furiously locked together, rolled over the floor in a storm of slaps, each tried to overpower her opponent with female hard and fierce tactics !… Marcella humiliated Janine in a terrible way. Catching fiercely Janine by the waist, she made her smell her soles; her toes became wrinkled on the nose of her rival as she wanted to bite and to pull out. She squashed Janine’s poor nose with the cheesy moistness of her red painted nails toes. She yelled
“Bitch! Smell the grrruyère-cheese of my feet! ” Marcella rubbed her long thin sexy sweaty sole up and down on Janine's face! She made sure her foot sole pressed down on her nose. The young blonde loved dominating the older woman with her feet! I want to hear you smell my foot! Now suck on my toes bitch! Janine smelled every inch of her size 8 feet!
They insulted each other vocally; each goads the other to more viciousness. The catfight had reached now a cruel level of hatred, each of them trying to smother the other with the cheesy moistness of her smelly feet. But Marcella thinking her victory, as the action gets rougher and rougher yelled a terrible cry of pain, and shed a real tear of pain and disappointment. She let her fall down. Janine was biting her toes. Now free from the cruel and smelly cheesy lesson used her latest strengths to try the humiliation by the feet on Marcella.
“We ought to stop”said Marcella
Janine asked “Your stinky feet humiliated me in front of your nephew. You’ve got to smell the Gruyere of mine.
They fly another time at each other, pressing their nude breasts, pulling hair harder to a finish. Janine scissored Marcella’s head and made her smell her sweaty gorgeous toes moistness. She planted her left foot solidly in her face! My aunt now had to smell the other size 8 sweaty sexy foot! Marcella gagged and yelled and choked, the foot smell really bothered her.They really had paid off old scores. I was very excited at the sight of those two furies. My feet fetishism, my special interest for cat fighting or wrestling wenches were pleased.

Fantastic site, fantastic ladies with really beautiful feet! I ‘m sure that lots of your ladies Your site is really wonderful
Attacks to the feet (twisting, biting, stretching, tearing toes apart, etc, etc) and with the feet (hair-pulling with toes, nipple twisting and pinching with toes, strangles and chokes with feet, face and nose pressing with feet, forced foot worship, forced foot sniffing, breast pressing with feet, etc,) is really the type of video that I really would like to see and hope to find at DWW.
Can you ask me about my subject?
Sorry for my bad English!

Je trouve à cet effet judicieux d'organiser des combats féminins “spéciaux pieds nus” (catfights, lutte soumission), en obligeant ces dames à se battre pieds nus. Le challenge porte sur celle qui parvient la première à humilier l'autre en lui faisant goûter et sentir la saveur musquée de ses pieds après quelques minutes de combat.
Elles savent en apprécier (pas toutes... et c'est justement pour ça !...) Autant qu'en redouter l'odeur après plusieurs minutes de combat. C'est terriblement excitant de voir se crisper la moite et gruyère flexibilité des orteils d'une fille sur le nez de sa rivale.
Cela met en valeur la plastique féminine, laquelle aide ces dames dans l'art très imaginatif des prises très noueuses qui portent la lutte à un paroxysme de pugnacité dans la volonté de s'humilier davantage...surtout encouragées par un public !!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 01:36 IP:
Name: Toshi
Subject: intense catfight
I love your DVD, especially real intense catfight. However,
recently, I cannot find very intense catfights,including hard face slapping and hair pulling. I really hope DWW will continue to produce more aggressive catfight DVD as before. Any comments?
Sunday, January 10, 2010 00:47 IP:
Name: hman
Subject: Luna
First of all great site. My all time favorites are Luzia and Antonia. I resently watched a couple vids with new girl Luna and I think she's great and very skilled, especially when she pins and looks dominant at her opponents. Keep up the good work DWW
Wednesday, January 06, 2010 10:15 IP:
Name: frezno
Subject: Nina Nina Nina
Hello, can anybody tell Nina to colour her hair blond again!??? Please! The dark hair style doesn't suite her at all...!!!! thanks.

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