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DWW Affiliate Program
Earn up to 30% commission on referred sales

By joining this program, your website can earn money for you if your own website refers web sales to DWW. The administration is easy, automatic and administered by a trusted third party. It needs just a once-only sign-up from you, and you have nothing to lose. Although nobody can guarantee an income, and nobody is promising a fortune, some affiliate websites are known to enjoy significant turnover from such schemes.

What is DWW?

DWW produces adult content of competitive female wrestling, catfighting, boxing, erotic wrestling, mixed wrestling. Its internet sales include high resolution video clips from DWW Movies, paid for by Credits bought online and a monthly internet magazine for its Web Club Members known as the DWW WEB CLUB. DWW does no recurring billing.

DWW is a reliable, competent and honest company, running successfully on the internet since 1997. Many female wrestling fans say DWW is the best in the world covering the niche market of competitive female combat. Displaying outstanding female beauty and fitness combined with competitive female fighting action are our trademarks. DWW made its reputation by delivering legal quality product quickly and reliably at very reasonable prices and responding positively to customer demand without making exaggerated claims.

Why become a DWW affiliate?

Given the quality of our content, we believe that affiliates can be most successful in sending us business if they are currently running other wrestling or catfighting websites or websites specialising in female muscles, celebrating lesbians, fitness or even just promoting the aesthetically beautiful female form. However, any webmaster may want to try. DWW is very experienced in the use of the internet and wants honest affiliates who also use it legally and responsibly, without spam, spyware, false promises or illegal scripts.

Who administers the affiliate plan?

The affiliate program is administered through CCBill, through which DWW's web sales are charged. http://www.ccbill.com/

How much and when do I get paid?

As you send traffic from your site to ours, and a customer purchases web-oriented product - for example, a DWW Web Club Membership or Credits for downloads from DWW Movies, you earn a commission on the initial sale. The amount you earn is determined by the sales which come to DWW through your website.

10 % for your first $ 10,000 affiliate sales

13 % for your affiliate sales from $ 10,000 thru $ 25,000

17% for your affiliate sales from $ 25,000 thru $ 50,000

25% for your affiliate sales from $ 50,000 thru $ 250,000

30% for your affiliate sales over $ 250,000

For instance, if a customer is referred by your website to our website using your referral banner and he purchases e.g. a 12-issue Web Club Membership for (currently) $104, then, if this is within your first $10,000 of referral sales for DWW, you'll receive 10% = $10.40 for this referral, from CCBILL .

You will receive a weekly payout cheque from CCBill for your percentage *)

*) Please read and understand the CCBILL payment conditions or contact their customer support if you have any questions regarding your payout at clientsupport@ccbill.com or by phone at 800-510-2859

The current CCBILL minimum payout is US$ 25, so if you don't reach that level in one week you'll receive your CCBILL cheque as soon as you've accumulated more than $ 25.

What you earn depends on how many customers you send us, and what they buy online, through the specially designed button which you install on your website. While nobody can guarantee your income, you cannot lose money. It is known that some affiliate websites can make hundreds or thousands of dollars each week, depending on who is referring what to whom. If you have a prominent website and promote our site appropriately and seriously, we feel sure you'll be able to make money.

How do I get started?

It takes 2 minutes only. Follow these two steps in sequence and you're on your way:

  1. Click here to create your DWW affiliate account with CCBILL.
    Please make sure you enter your correct personal data only. CCBILL uses these data to send you the cheque. Input of fake or invalid data, or a wrong referral URL will simply mean you won't receive your payment for referrals. And that will not be our problem!
  2. Click here for our Webmaster Resource Area.

    Copy the HTML code into your web page and you're done.

How do I track my referral income?

Once signed up, you can view your referral income at anytime at CCBill's Affiliate Admin page. https://affiliateadmin.ccbill.com/

What we don't want!

Although DWW's product is fun, DWW is a serious company, very experienced in the internet. We do not want affiliates who spam our site, promote it in a questionable, irresponsible or illegal way or who bring our good name into disrepute. We shall cancel any affiliate programs immediately if we discover irresponsible or capricious activities by affiliates using our website URL or name. Such activities include but are not limited to spamming, false promises, use of spyware and other illegal scripts. Play fair by us and the customer, and we shall all get along fine.

Note that the financial contract you have is with CCBILL, for which DWW can take no responsibility. DWW uses CCBILL for its own online billing. Also, because such a scheme is potentially open to abuse by the unscrupulous, by signing up for this scheme you acknowledge that DWW reserves the right to cancel or revoke your affiliate status at any time without notice, without compensation and for any reason, which it has no obligation to state. By signing up you acknowledge that DWW has the right to recover any costs or damages it has incurred resulting directly or indirectly from any activity of a member of the affiliate program.

If you intend to use irresponsible activities in order to boost your affiliate sales, then PLEASE, better not even think about become our affiliate.

What we really do want!

We want a good, straightforward, honest business relationship with the members of our affiliate program. We shall continue to update and maintain our website and products to the same high standard expected by our customers and hope that affiliates who send us customers through their own websites in an honest way will thereby enjoy a long profitable relationship with us.

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