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Merry Christmas

12/24/2013 By: DWW

We wish our customers a Merry Christmas and we sincerely thank all of you
who still do like DWW for their support

Some user might have been

3/18/2013 By: DWW

Dear valued customers,

we are sorry for what happened during the weekend. Unfortunately our website suffered from a severe hacker attack attempt during the weekend with lots of attempted SQL injections. The hackers were (unsuccessfully)
trying to access data from our website.

Our smart security system acts in a certain way that it automatically blocks IP ranges from all computers/providers that belong to such repeated c ...


Dear DWW fans and customers

12/31/2012 By: DWW

We wish you a Happy New Year!

We gratefully thank all our fans who honestly supported DWW and our ideas in 2012. Times aren't always prosperous, but together we can be strong and therefore we're pretty sure that we'll be able to provide you a wonderful and a great 2013 with a lot of great videos.


New releases and new WEB CLUB design

2/28/2012 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

during the past few weeks we released some excellent wrestling matches and catfights. We're going to release approximately 15-20 videos each month. We're trying to present one or two for each sub-niche per month. However, due to technical reasons, it won't be possible to satisfy the demand of each niche subsequently. If there'll be less of a few sub niches during one certain month, then there will likely be more during the following month while other previously more release ...


First releases in 2012

1/12/2012 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

Our first 2012 releases are four excellent videos. There are two fantastic wrestling matches between top athletes plus two real slapping catfights filmed outdoors. We hope that you've already seen our visual film database in DWW MOVIES. This database is steadily growing while at this time we have only 5% of all our unreleased movies available for preview. However, there are alraeday several hundred available to chose from and to vote for. Check out our visual film database ...


Webmasters and Fans - Buy or rent videos from our website

7/6/2011 By: DWW

Webmasters and Fans - Buy or rent our videos for your website. It's cheaper than you'd believe that it is and additionally we're giving you great discounts for multiple licence and/or rental orders.

Rental agreement:
Euro 50 per Fight per Month for 1 domain
Rental time is 3 months minimum
You may sell that movie to customers and offer it for download from your website (1 domain)
We'll distribute the title to you ei ...


Receive Euro 10 (or $ 10) voucher for all orders from DWW until July 5th 2011

7/1/2011 By: DWW

Great News!
Independence Day Discount!

Use your Independence Day Voucher right now (expires July 5th 2011 23:59 EDT) for as many orders as you like from our DWW ONLINE STORE.
The independence Day voucher will give you a $ 10 (or Euro 10) discount from every order you submit, no matter how many orders you'd like to have. It's valid from now on! Please d ...


New releases

6/9/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

recently we did release some nice wrestling matches and catfights. Amongst the new Fight of the Month releases (Raquel fans will be in heaven!), there were quite some interesting wrestling matches and catfights for the fans of real and unstaged fighting.

Have you ever thought about running your own wrestling website with our content? Nothing easier than that. You could have it top exclusive (the material that you select will be removed from our website and you'll hav ...


Recent releases

5/19/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

recently we did release quite a lot of our new wrestling matches, catfights and mixed wrestling matches. Most of you are regularly watching our new releases chapter and some of you will likely have seen those downloads. We believe that these women are fantastic and some of them are likely the best wrestlers we've ever had on this website. These matches are real and the women are real.

For those of you who enjoy downloading and who want to save money, we're currently ...


Many new wrestling matches released

4/6/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

recently we did release a lot of new wrestling matches. There are also new mixed wrestling matches and there is the new dinner arm wrestling tournament from our recent event. We believe that there are some excellent new wrestling matches and fantastic female fighters who all deserve that you'll support them with your downloads.

Please note that there will be the LAST CHANCE for you TODAY that you can purchase 200 credits for 200 Euros only ($ 270 ...


New releases and March Event

3/18/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/
Our recent March Event was a great success and we believe that our guests did enjoy that privately organised event very much. We're proud and happy that we're already able to release the first matches of this most recent event. There were also some more releases during March and we hope that you were already able to download and to enjoy them.

MOVIES-1065 Eva N. vs Anastasia
This was a great and extremely entertaining wrestling match from our r ...


Our new Februar 2011 releases

2/20/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

in Februar 2011 we did release quite some interesting wrestling matches so far. Amongst those are matches of beginners as well as matches of strong and skilled big women as well as some excellent mixed wrestling matches and there's also one f/f wrestling match that is more like
the erotic side of female wrestling.

MOVIES-1043 Maggy vs Monique
Newcomer Monique in her second wrestling match versus blonde Maggy. There are pins and scissors ...


Final 3 January releases: Mixed, nude and novices wrestling

1/28/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

the final January 2011 releases are a mixed wrestling match and a pins only wrestling match with novice wrestlers Maggy and Dina, while it is the wrestling premiere for strong blonde Dina. The third match is an excellent nude wrestling match between strong women Pamela and Mary-Ann. That one is for all fans of tough wrestling and of strong women who don't mind if no part of their bodies will be covered with anything else but oil.

MOVIES-1036 Pamela vs Mary ...


2 more January 2011 releases

1/26/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

if you enjoy a good fight between two very different young women then you should consider to watch Pia vs newcomer Kim-Ly. If you enjoy some good scissors then you should also watch that fight. If you enjoy SGPINs then we do recommend that fight, too. For lovers of the long SGPIN, however, we must also suggest MOVIES-1029 where Petra fights in a catch-weight competition versus much lighter Emanuella.

MOVIES-1033 Pia vs Kim-Ly
Those young wo ...


2 matches from our recent event: 1 catfight and 1 wrestling match

1/14/2011 By: DWW

Dear /fans/

we're happy to release the final 2 matches from our October event: At first there is a very competitive and exciting wrestling match between Mel and Pamela and secondly there's a catfight between Mel and Gloria. Both matches have some great scissors holds.

MOVIES-1006 Gloria vs Mel
This is a catfight from our recent event and besides hair pulling there is a great number of fantastic scissors and there are two strong ladies in combat.


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