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Activation Keys

Please be absolutely sure to input a CORRECT email address while ordering!
If you don't provide us your correct and your actually working email address then we cannot send you the activation key. Make sure that you don't let our email end up in your SPAM BOX and check your spam-box if you didn't receive an email with the activation key in time after your payment had been approved. Since we're sending all those emails containing the Activation Key with an automatic software protocol only, our emails cannot break through your possibly installed "Spam-Blockers" (e.g. "... DWW, please confirm your email by clicking this link ...", etc.) and therefore such an Email containing the valid activation key would consequently end up in the Email-Nirvana only!

You'll receive a new account here.
You can always combine your new DWW-MOVIES credits with either your old MOVIES-credits account or with your DWW WEB CLUB account. Do you want to know more? [click here]!


DWW MOVIES Trial Account of 10 Credits
US$ 25.99
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DWW MOVIES Bronze Account of 25 Credits
US$ 62.00
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DWW MOVIES Silver Account of 50 Credits
US$ 105.00
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DWW MOVIES Gold Account of 100 Credits
US$ 155.00
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How it works:

To join the DWW Web Club and see its famous, vast monthly magazine, you need a user ID and a password. For using additional MOVIES credits, you'll need another user ID and another password. We do not sell you a password directly, but a unique number called an Activation Key. The Activation Key allows you to start your membership account with the DWW Web Club at the moment of your choice. The account is not running until you choose to start it from your computer.

When you sit down at your computer, enter your unique Activation Key number on DWW’s activation key/ subscription page at http://www.dww.at/activate and you will get a user ID and password which expires at the time you expect.

The DWW Web Club is an internet magazine with 12 monthly issues per year. If, for example, you bought a 3-issues Activation Key on May 15 and you activated your key instantly, then you'll get a membership for May, June and July which will expire  July 31st. However, if you'll activate your activation key after June 1st only, then you'll get a membership for June, July and August which expires August 31st.

You can of course keep your Activation Key and start your account running, say on 2 September. You would then get a password for a membership account which expires on 30 November. Expiry always takes place on the last day of the last issue for which you have subscribed. However, take care of the expiry date of your activation key. You can't activate your key after it will have expired!

Once your Activation Key has been activated you will get a user ID and a password, and that particular Activation Key can’t be activated a second time.

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