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Remember: the Web Club is a monthly magazine. Each issue is completely different - the content (photos, videos etc.) changes completely at the end of the month, so subscriptions always expire at the end of a month and never in the middle. Subscribing for one month gives you the right to download the entire issue for that month - how much time you have to do this depends on whether you subscribe at the very beginning or nearer the end of the month - but not that of the following month as well; because then you'd be paying for one issue and getting two. That's why a one-month subscription you take out, say, on the tenth of the month, doesn't carry over to the ninth of the following month as some of you might expect. But don't worry! Provided you leave yourself time to download the whole issue - and this can be done in a single day or at most two (depending on your modem speed and how long you want to spend in a single session browsing) - it makes no difference what day you subscribe, just as it makes no difference whether you buy a conventional magazine on the fifth or the twenty-fifth day of the month; you still get the same number of pages!

Please note:

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Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you subscribe for the  April 2017 issue (one calendar month),
your membership will expire on Monday, May 01, 2017 00:01 AM ET

If you subscribe for 3 issues (3 calendar months),
your membership will expire on Saturday, July 01, 2017 00:01 AM ET

If you subscribe for 12 issues (12 calendar months),
your membership will expire on Sunday, April 01, 2018 00:01 AM ET

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Remember too, however, that if you DON'T subscribe now, you won't see the current month issue of the magazine (with hundreds of photos and a couple of video clips) at all, because the site will change completely when the new issue comes out at the beginning of next month. Don't think, then, that by signing up now, you'd be losing out because the month's already been running for however many days. That's not the way it works. The magazine is the same size today as it was at the start of the month. Download it now and it's yours for ever. Hesitate, delay taking out a subscription until next month, and it's lost for ever.

Please note: a calendar month is e.g. May, June, July, ...
and not necessarily 30 days.

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DWW does not automatically renew your Web Club or VIP Club Membership. We are not legally empowered to do so. Renewal of your Membership(s) is YOUR responsibility.

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2x2.gif (35 Byte)Please note: We discontinued offering 12 and 3 WEB CLUB issues. The reason is simple: We don’t know if we still want to offer the DWW WEB CLUB after March 2012. Kindly use our offer for the 1 WEB CLUB issues instead.

If CCBILL declines your credit card, and you don't know why, there are many possible reasons:
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TRATTN.GIF (1305 Byte) If ccbill declines your credit card and you don't know why, then there are several reasons possible, however, this is the most likely one: TRATTN.GIF (1305 Byte)
Keeping up with the times.
How old is your web browser? When was your last update? Does your web browser support SSL3? What's SSL3? Secure Sockets Layer version 3 is the latest two way encryption layer to make web communication (e.g., TCP) safer for businesses and their customers to financially interact on the world wide web.
To better protect our clients and customers, ccbill has upgraded all of our servers to SSL3 security! If you are using a web browser that is older than this technology you may not be able to take advantage of ccbill's payment methods. Go to your web browser's home page and look for the free download link for the newest version. Netscape 6, AOL 6 and Internet Explorer 6 are SSL 3 enabled (with a possible change to the default settings).

ccbill recently started to recheck the address you submit when subscribing with the address that is stored on files of your credit card company. If you have moved your address shortly and did not inform your credit card company or if you typed a wrong address of the credit card holder when subscribing, then you get a declined statement. This new security system is for the security of your own card, too, because it helps to avoid mutual credit card fraud as a thief usually would not know your address.

Other reasons for a declined statement are i.e. invalid cardnumber, invalid expiration date or lack of funds. Another, but rather unlikely reason, could be that your card has been made invalid for any internet use at all, either because you previously rebilled from an internet company without having a reason to do so or just because somebody else has placed your cardnumber on an internet credit card fraud list.

However, if your card still gets declined and you do not know the reason, there is a possibility that you send us your subscription request together with your cardnumber at our Helpdesk. We will then try to authorize your card manually without involving ccbill but this manual action could take about 24 hrs. before you will receive your password.

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