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   "The Princess"

Eva is DWW's Top Model
 and she's so charming
  - really like an Angel.
     But in her matches
 the 'scorpion girl' fights
  up to the exhaustion.
  Eva's perfect headlock
 works against her rivals,
  every part of her body
 helps to win the match.
Eva is a 'Scissors Queen'
and a 'Princess of Power'.


 Eva joined DWW in 1997 - and retired in 2004

  as 'a sweet little 16'

  Thanks, Eva !
Eva's Top 10 DVDs (Wrestling/Catfight, Dec. 2005)
1.  DWW-377  (vs. Luzia, 4 matches!)
2.  DWW-402  (vs. Edita)
3.  DWW-163  (vs. Barbara, Renata - Special Edition)
4.  DWW-309  (vs. Edita, Viktoria M. + an interview)
5.  DWW-404  (vs. Edita)
6.  DWW-327  (vs. Jana N.)
7.  DWW-164  (vs. Edita, Luzia + an interview)
8.  DWW-310  (vs. Nadege/Belgium)
9.  DWW-405  (vs. Joanna)
10. DWW-320  (vs. Lenka, Luzia)
 Eva's most competitive matchups:
vs.Melanie DWW115,152
vs.Barbara DWW163,165
 Edita DWW164,309,404
 Eva's most important rivalries:
 vs. Luzia: who's 'No.1' ?
vs. Jana: tough girlfights
 vs. Nadege: world class
 Special feature: Eva's Girlpower
 as a teengirl (dww-152)
flexing again just a twen
Eva's good-bye posing'04



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