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 Tue, Apr. 25, 2017
In the interest of discretion and cost to the customer, DWW normally supplies its DVDs to private individuals without paper covers. Some customers have expressed the wish to purchase covers for their collections, so we have now made them available to purchase as downloads.

Download of covers

The covers are in Adobe PDF format and printable with any free Adobe Acrobat reader on any platform, or any other software which reads pdf files. They were made at 360dpi using high quality jpg compression. The better your printer and the chosen print quality and the better the paper, the better the result. Once trimmed these PDF files fit standard commercial plastic DVD covers. You may download each file to your hard disk just as you download movie clips. Once downloaded you can print them. Covers for all DVDs available. Covers for new releases may be available 4-6 weeks after the release of the DVD.

Copyright notice and conditions of sale (please read this)
DWW covers are copyright. All rights are reserved. Purchasing a cover for download or otherwise, without prior written commercial agreement with DWW, constitutes a purchase of a license to use the cover ONLY for your own private library. Any commercial use, including copying, sale, resale, reproduction or distribution in whole or in part, including but not limited to electronic reproduction or distribution, sharing, lending, or exchange is strictly prohibited. Copyright infringement is subject to prosecution as a criminal offence in countries signatory to the Berne Convention, which almost certainly means your country.
Therefore you have no permission to use the downloaded cover in any way whatsoever as part of an onward sale or exchange and if you do so your action will be subject to investigation and first prosecution by a national agency in a national criminal court. Use is restricted to your own home collection. DWW trusts that its customers will understand the necessity for these conditions.
If you are a dealer or reseller, you are not permitted to use DWW cover downloads in any circumstances. Please contact DWW Vienna, Europe for a friendly response with a good price and versions of covers for resale!.