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 Tue, Apr. 25, 2017
About SFV (Simple file verification)
  1. What's SFV?
  2. How does SFV work?
  3. How shall I verify my download?
  4. Error messages
  5. Downloading the SFV file


  1. What's SFV?
    This is an optional and an additional service we're providing to our customers.

    SFV is the abbreviation of "Simple File Verification". It's necessary defining the attributes of the original digital file by using a sophisticated method of error checking numbers. Those numbers are later being used for checking the 100% correctness of a digital file copy.  By downloading from the internet it isn't unlikely that some digits are being transmitted faulty. Such - even minor - digital file errors may cause that you can't play the video download correctly and sometimes you can't play it at all. Such errors might also cause image interference.
  2. How dows SFV work?
    We're offering you a free SFV file for all our available HD-videos. That .SFV file defines the digital correctness of your downloaded digital media file.
    HD-video files are extremely large files and therefore it will be always good for you and quite helpful if you would be able to check the correctness of your digital download once you'd stored the complete file onto your hard drive.
  3. How shall I verify my download?
    First of all you'll have to download and to install a useful SFV software of your choice from the Internet. Some of the available SFV software might be even for free. (If you click here you'll find a listing for available SFV software downloads).As a next step you'll have to care that your digital HD video file and our free SFV file must be stored on your PC within the same folder. (E.g. use C:\SFV) - Now launch your (already installed ) SFV software and select the correct SFV file for that download. Now your SFV software will check your video file and it'll tell you if the checksum of your file is the correct one and if your video file is ok.
  4. Error Messages
    If your SFV-software might tell you that your video file is defect or invalid, simply download the video file once again.  However, for various reasons you should always delete the cache of your browser first. If you don't know how to delete the cache of your browser, kindly inform yourself about your operating system and about how it works. If you won't delete your browser's cache before downloading the same file again, you'll risk that your computer doesn't "download the same file again" but it would likely rather copy the very same digital errors from its own (not yet deleted) cache once again!
    If you did it all right and if you did download once again BUT your SFV software is still displaying file errors after checking it again, you should better carefully test your internet connection. The downloads should always run consistent and steadily and without any longer interruptions. If there are longer interruptions better contact or change your ISP or retry at another time of the day.
  5. Downloading the SFV file
    Simply click - either before or after your video download - that link called "size". You can find that link next to the original download button (watch the screen shot below).  If you'll click the "size" link, another new link is popping up right below. Click that new link and save the SFV file onto your hard drive into the same folder where your video file will be or where it does already exist. Note that you may always download that SFV file for free at any time you'd like to.