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About DWW
What is DWW and what do the initials stand for? DWW was founded in the Autumn of 1992. It sprang from the desire of a few enthusiasts on the combat sports scene to capture on film the excitement of women participating in the sports in question: the excitement of women fighting - one-on-one, no fix, no faking, no quarter!
At the time (and still often today) all that was available from other producers in this field were videos that satisfied no one: a load of meaningless play-acting of the genre: "ladies, do TRY to make this look convincing", in which a couple of starlets - sometimes more - sometimes beautiful, sometimes not, would roll around half-heartedly on the floor in various states of undress without even working up a sweat, emitting the occasional squeal, until at the end of the tape a 'winner' (determined beforehand, of course) would emerge, whereupon the loser - at the director's prompting - would be expected to writhe around for a few moments in supposed agony or at least try to look miffed! This genre of "wrestling video" is precisely what DWW is NOT about. We don't want to make women look ridiculous. We don't want to make the sport look ridiculous either. Our respect for those women with the courage - physical and moral - to express themselves on the mat is far too great for that. All the fights you will see on DWW videos are 100% genuine. There is no script. There is no pretending. There is no fooling about. Everything you see is real. Our first efforts in the field produced some pretty good videos, but only when we got serious and founded DWW did the project take on the air of professionalism it has today. Our activities are centred in the Danube Valley, Vienna to be precise, and since we would be drawing mainly on the women of this geographical region to wrestle for our organisation, we called it "Danube Women Wrestling".

Who is behind DWW?
We are a group of people drawn from a wide range of countries with this in common: that we approve of women's participation in combat sports. And more than that. We believe the drive and commitment - or perhaps the sheer love of adventure - that distinguishes the women who fight on our tapes, marks them out for recognition, for respect, even admiration. It is only in this light that DWW is to be understood.

Who fights for DWW?
At the start, we encountered a great deal of scepticism as to whether we would find enough women prepared to engage in genuine combat, whether they would have - or be capable of acquiring - any real technique, whether they would be fit enough, and - an irreducible necessity, this, when it comes to selling videos - whether they would be good enough looking. But we were optimistic, and that optimism, coupled with a belief in what we were doing, ensured that despite the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that has thankfully prevailed among us from the start, we were able to prove the sceptics wrong. Far more women are prepared to wrestle than you would think.
At the beginning this was maybe not so evident, but then began the snowball effect: friends, friends of friends, girls who trained together, girls from the same teams, same colleges, same sporting clubs; it grew like topsy; far more women liked fighting then even we had imagined; it turned out that you just had to ask. Today we're in the fortunate position of having around 500 women to draw on for our videos. It's almost a fight to keep them OFF the mat. Not that you can expect them all to be of the standard of judo champions or the like, but we consider it important to let 'yer typical girl next door' have a go as well. Show what she's made of. She may be tougher than you think. And even if from a technical standpoint she may not be as advanced as some of our other fighters, that doesn't mean that, matched against another of the same standard, she can't put up a hell of a fight. It isn't always strength or technique that counts.

DWW believes in tolerance
Tolerance counts for a great deal in our society, but it becomes all the more important in groups like ours, where people from different countries and different walks of life are drawn together by a shared interest, or shared passion. Sit ten of us in the same room and let us talk, and you'll hear twenty different opinions on what's best in women's wrestling. There are so many different ways of seeing it, different approaches, differences of experience, differences of taste. DWW tries to be a broad church - to produce a range of videos wide enough that we can say at the end: "there must be a couple of tapes in the range for just about everyone." We do not, of course, claim to have covered every angle; still less that every tape we produce will appeal to every taste. That would be impossible. But we hope to encounter in our customers the tolerance that we have made our own watchword; that is, to admit the possibility that a code of contest - not to mention 'of dress' - that maybe doesn't appeal to us personally, may be exactly what someone else has been looking for...

Contest rules
The same basic rules are in force in most of DWW's matches. If this rule or that has been changed for a particular fight, this is always made clear in advance. There is, however, one ever-present rule and we have no intention of abandoning it: when a girl cries 'I GIVE!' or 'stop!' or 'submit' or anything analogous, the fighters have to break instantly. The fighting can't continue for even a second if one of the participants has had enough. This means that either woman has the right at any moment to call the proceedings to a halt whenever she sees fit. This rule is supplemented by the rule that any loud cry of pain will be interpreted as a cry of submission - necessary in case a woman is in too much pain to remember the correct form of words - and that the fight will be stopped if it gets totally out of hand. These rules have served us well. So far, we've had over 800 often very hard and fiercely contested fights and not a single injury to speak of. Of course the girls are always carefully chosen and prepared, and that must help.

Standard DWW rules for wrestling
There are submissions and pins: a pin is awarded when a fighter is held with both shoulders and both wrists on the mat for 5 seconds, but - as in judo - the attacker must be free from any scissor hold at the time otherwise the position is adjudged neutral; a submission when she quits. Pulling hair is not, strictly speaking, allowed, but the girl on the receiving end has the choice of protesting to the referee or, if she prefers, just paying the other girl back in kind, in which case the ref will let her get on with it. Punching and kicking are not allowed in wrestling matches. All the usual submission holds allowed in wrestling or judo are allowed here, except for the arm lever and any kind of choke hold. Dangerous holds, such as armlocks, the surfboard or the Boston crab, are allowed, provided the pressure is turned on with a steady movement, not a sudden one calculated to cause injury. And all other holds, head scissors, body scissors etc. may be applied freely.

Dressing to kill
Etiquette has little to say on the subject of what to wear to a fight - and we don't insist on a dress code either. (See what was said about tolerance above). We have no very strong views on the subject. We offer tapes in which both girls are wearing normal amateur wrestling gear, sometimes they wear one-piece swimsuits, some prefer bikinis, some go topless and some fights are totally nude. Regardless of how much, or how little, is worn, all the fights are genuine and there's no difference in the standard of fighting. A lot of the nude fights are better and harder than some of the ones fought in bathing suits; you can never tell; but in the majority of our matches, the girls are fighting topless since the market pretty much demands it. However, all the girls who want to fight topless or nude have to be over 18, since otherwise we couldn't market the tapes. Many of you, I know, especially those of you who come from North America, may be wondering 'how come European girls are so unabashed about wrestling topless?'. Well, if you come to Europe you'll understand. European women are far less self-conscious about their bodies. Go to any beach: at least half of the women will have discarded their bikini tops - if they ever had them - and in some countries the percentage is even higher. Going topless on the beach arouses no more comment than, say, eating ice-cream on the beach, and consequently girls here think nothing of wrestling topless. Fewer are prepared to wrestle totally naked, so we make fewer nude tapes. But, basically, we don't really mind what they wear. Tolerance cuts both ways. The choice is left to them and whatever they feel comfortable in is fine by us.

Who are the fighters?
We've had all kinds of women participating in our tournaments. There's a pleasant atmosphere, so even famous sportswomen have been happy to join in. One, a gymnast, came second in the World Championships; and since the girl who beat her was a certain Nadia Comaneci, we could not judge her too harshly for only taking silver. Several have been champions of their respective countries in their weights at judo. Another took silver at the European Ju-jitsu Championships. Others have competed in the European Cycling Championships, we have a professional kick-boxer - the World Champion no less, (she wrestled too!) - a world aerobics champion, a successful free climber, a national water-ski champion and naturally a large number of girls from the upper echelons of the amateur (Olympic style) wrestling scene. They tell us it's far more fun fighting for us. Not so many damned rules! Then there are the fashion models, the dancers, a few centrefolds and a vast assortment of 'girls next door' who wanted a challenge, or just liked fighting. And some of them, with little formal training, turned out to have the beating of girls with 10 years of wrestling coaching behind them. "You either got it or you don't". Some girls are just natural fighters. So there's room for everyone at DWW provided they're willing to fight, have a certain level of fitness, are competitively motivated and display the right amount of aggression on the mat.

Wrestling and eroticism
There's no denying the connection between wrestling and the erotic. They knew about it in Ancient Greece. And besides, we wouldn't want to. Nor could you hope by dressing the women up in Victorian bathing suits to wish it away. But again, we wouldn't want to. As far as we are concerned, as long as the wrestlers are adults, and not put under any pressure, and as long as they themselves are comfortable on the mat and in front of the camera with whatever they are or aren't wearing, then no shame at all can attach to the viewer for finding the sight of their entwined, perhaps naked - certainly beautiful - bodies erotic. How could it be otherwise? This goes too for the fighters, who cannot always be oblivious to the erotic charge given off by the contact of their bodies. But that is still a far cry from pornography. Unless you find the human body intrinsically obscene. In our range, nude wrestling is included. Pornography is excluded; not least because we want to remain a broad church and have forged strong links with other - indubitably serious - sports clubs and associations which we would not dream of jeopardising. And anyway, if people want pornography, there's no shortage of it about. They'll just have to look elsewhere.

Custom videos. Got a favourite fantasy?
We also produce - to order - videos with a scenario, provided this doesn't violate any of the precepts given above. In other words, even though the story line may supply the 'quarrel', the actual fight will be genuine (the script cannot determine who is supposed to win); there will be no violence (by which we mean, no one is forced to do, or suffer, anything against their will); and no pornography. The girls can be in bathing suits, topless or naked. Even erotic matches are OK, provided the script has wrestling or boxing in the story-line. If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch. We warn you, though, that custom videos don't come cheap. You have to reckon on paying a minimum of about $800 US.

We are always grateful for sponsorship. If, for example, you want to see a match between two particular girls, who you've seen on any of our videos, - whether they were fighting each other on that occasion or not -, you sponsor it and we'll film it. A word of caution here though. Not all the girls on our videos (particularly if they haven't appeared since 1994) are still available. Many now have children to look after (in which case, if you are reading, congratulations!), others have moved away, and some no longer feel like competing. Anyway, provided you're prepared to sponsor it, and assuming always that it is possible to arrange, we would be happy to film any such fight for you. Send us an e-mail and we can go into this in greater detail.

How do I tell the wife?
Many of us have one wish: just once in this life to see our wives or girlfriends wrestling another woman. For many, the idea never gets off the ground because somehow they never quite manage to broach the subject. More often, the wife or girlfriend is perfectly agreeable. The problem is just finding a suitable opponent and having the confidence to ask her. On this subject, a couple of tips based on years of experience. Firstly, you can ask any woman, particularly if you know them well. Nowadays no one is likely to regard this kind of thing as perverse, as long as you don't start asking them to fight in oil, or mud, or kinky clothing, or in the nude. Just keep it on a sporting level. Wrestling is a sport like any other. You wouldn't be embarrassed if your wife was looking for someone to jog or circuit-train with, or a partner for tennis or golf, and anyway what's the big deal? The person who is too shy to ask is probably making the mistake of thinking it's a very unusual thing to want to see. Well, it's not. In our experience there are an enormous number of men who love to watch women fight. Far, far, more than are ever open about it. Believe me, you are NOT the only one, not by a long chalk. Anyway, the worst that can happen is that they'll say no. In which case, you're no worse off than if you'd never asked. Our experience is that about 25% of all women asked are interested in trying it. The crucial factor here is self-confidence. Wrestling is a very physical sport and women who are physically insecure or feel clumsy or unhappy with their bodies are unlikely to be able to go through with this type of challenge. Maybe they're afraid of losing and they back off or refuse for this reason. Equally, the fact that it is a type of competition in which so much of the emphasis is upon the body also means that a girl who looks athletic, or is pretty, or is very fit, is far more likely to take to the mat than a girl who thinks of herself as unattractive. If she regularly engages in some form of sporting activity, the odds climb to about evens. Provided she's happy with the choice of opponent, and you can suggest a suitable time and place, she's as likely to say yes as to say no. So first ask your wife or girlfriend; give her a little encouragement; and then just wait until she brings the subject up again herself. It may take a few months. Be patient. Remember: self-confidence is the key to the whole thing. Trying to goad her by saying things like "I bet the other girl's stronger than you" is in fact the worst thing you can do. Do it, and she'll probably back out at the last moment. And forget about the videoing the match or taking photos. It's a matter of privacy; and the first step is hard enough already without the added complication of cameras, video recorders, floodlights etc. But if a woman is genuinely not keen on the idea, there's no point in pushing it. No one is going to be any good if their attitude is: "OK, but I'm only doing this for you". If either girl is lukewarm on the idea, it's enough to spoil it for everyone. It only works if everyone approaches the encounter cheerfully and intent on making the most of the occasion. If she isn't quite sure, a good way to begin is with arm-wrestling. Try her at a party, say, against one of her girl friends or one of the other guests. Two men can take the first turn, to set the ball rolling. I have yet to encounter a single woman under the age of 40 refusing an invitation to arm-wrestle another in this kind of relaxed party atmosphere. Quite the reverse. Once the first two women have had their turn, all the women present are soon clustered round the table and eager to try out their strength. Wrestling proper is of course different. But even if your girlfriend or wife wants to take it up, it's not much good if she can't find an opponent. That's where DWW can help. Either by providing a suitable opponent, or by putting you in touch with other couples with the same idea. When the keenly anticipated set-to on the mat begins, don't expect too much at first. Even if far more women than you'd expect are willing to try wrestling, only about 10% of them have any talent. A lot of girls turn out to have two left feet. Obviously this doesn't apply to women who are good at other sports, and these in any case will be more agile. But even if, the first time your girlfriend tries it the results are not all that satisfying for you personally, never say so. Only through positive remarks and encouragement are you likely to persuade her to give it another go, and the only way to improve at something like wrestling is through practice. Perhaps these observations will have been of some help to those who have been chewing over the same question. DWW doesn't just produce videos. We are also more than happy to help out with advice. We don't think of our customers as simply 'the people who buy our videos'. We think of them as fellow aficionados: people with whom we have a real shared interest - "P.L.U.", so to speak.

The name DWW is associated with genuinely competitive matches and a hallmark of quality. DWW is different from other organizations, in that we speak for the fans of all types of combat sports for women.

If you'd like to receive more information about DWW please visit www.dwwgalaxy.com.