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 Tue, Apr. 25, 2017
Bonus for our DWW Web Club Members Special WebClub rabate

From now on we shall make available up to ten additional downloads per month in our DWW MOVIES section. Nothing special, though. However, some of those downloads will be available for members for a reduced price during the first month when they were launched. The following month these downloads will only be available for the regular price, but then again up to ten new downloads will be available for a reduced price for members of the next month only, and so on. This is an additional bonus for our web club members that makes it even more worthwhile to have a membership every month since you can actually save more money with that bonus than what your membership does cost.

Always make sure that you are logged in as a web club member before you download and that you are not using an AOL built in browser otherwise you won't be able to receive the reduced price. There are no refunds given later if you forgot to login as a web club member, not even then if you actually have been an approved web club member at this time! You need to take care yourself (before you start to download) for being logged in correctly as a DWW web club member!

You'll find our current offers for web club members in DWW MOVIES when you click here .