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 Tue, Apr. 25, 2017
Fight of the Month - How it works
Fight of the Month (FofM) is a video clip available in various file formats, sizes and resolutions for download ONLY to full members of the Web Cub. FofMs vary in style and length. There will be always up to 7 new FofM in each monthly Issue, but because we don't all share the same taste, FoFMs from previous months (usually 10-12) are also available, so you can choose from a variety of styles (wrestling, catfights, mixed, HPC, etc.).
To download any current FofM you always need to be a current valid full member of the Web Club (A small "Photos Only" membership is not enough) and spend 1 of your Credits which are provided as part of your full Web Club subscription. When you subscribe we give you (starting April 2006) 5 Credits per monthly Issue to which you subscribe. So if you join for three months we give you 15 Credits straight away and in any case always enough to download the FofM from each new Issue to which you subscribe.
Since you probably won't like all FofMs, your Credits are not restricted to downloading only FofMs. DWW Movies also offers video downloads direct to the public, without a subscription membership.If you get carried away and spend all your Credits, or like what you see so much you want more, you can buy more Credits from DWW at any time and combine them with your current account using our combine tool. If your Web Club membership expires before you have spent your Credits, we keep them ready for you to join again, or you can log on with your old password and spend them at DWW Movies. However, if you forgot your old password and ask us for help we shall charge you 1 Credit for this facility. You can't get any FofMs without being a current, valid member of the Web Club. If you don't rejoin, you can still access your Credits and spend them at DWW Movies, so long as you have the necessary equipment. You can even start a new account with DWW Movies and transfer your unspent Credits into it.
However, all Credits are non-negotiable. That is, they are personal to you, and you alone. They have no validity for anyone else. You cannot sell, exchange, refund or give them away and there are severe penalties for attempting to trade Credits any way you can think of. The internet always tells us who you are.
Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions_FofM page.