DWW-070-02 Dominated and Humiliated
Susanne vs Eveline


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Susanne vs Eveline

Rarely does one encounter a girl with such a killer instinct as Eveline. Her aggression never stops and she shows no mercy regardless of how many falls she has already won in a match. Also she’s capable of losing her temper quite quickly. She reminds us of Timea. It would have been an extremely risky proposition to have those two on a mat at the same time.
In this tape Eveline battles with the muscular, strong and beautiful accomplished pianist Gabi. She almost kills German Susanne in front of her boyfriend in a very one sided match, and needless to say, leaves the latter two girls humiliated in tears and pain. She then takes on the much bigger and experienced Transylvanian beauty Wanda.
And finally engages in one of the fiercest matches we have ever seen, in an all out hairpulling fight with the Swedish redhead Tina. This required a few people to hold these two tigresses apart from scratching each other’s eyes out. Being on the mat with equally matched Eveline was a very difficult and painful experience for Tina. At the end of the tape there is an interesting interview in English with Tina where she compares the aggressive Hungarian DWW-wrestlers with the US-girls she has met on the mat.
All matches on this tape are topless, fierce, humiliating for the losers, and there is plenty of hard hairpulling, slapping, and a never ending aggressiveness of beautiful tomboy Eveline.

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4 topless matches featuring Eveline (19), Gabi (22), Susanne (27), Wanda (23) and Tina (26)

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Duration 13 minutes
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