DWW-167-01 Size Mismatch with Oil
Barbara vs Kriszta


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling


Match: Barbara vs Kriszta

Wrestling in even the smallest amount of baby oil is so difficult that success requires considerable experience and athleticism. There is, however, an advantage: girls who would otherwise be mismatched owing to their weight difference can compete on an almost equal terms. This enables ordinarily impractical fantasy matches to take place easily.
The Czech girls here and on DWW-168: Barbara, Lenka, Ingrid, Wendy, Antonia and Luzia are very keen to show the Hungarians and Ukrainians what’s what. These fights are not the roll-arounds you might expect but all-out competition with a slithery handicap which also serves to highlight these gorgeous female forms on video. Nice!

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Five topless oil wrestling matches
Barbara (21) vs. Kriszta (24)
Lenka (20) vs. Christie (19)
Melanie (21) vs. Timea C. (22)
Ingrid (20) vs. Christie (19)
Luzia (19) vs. Melanie (21)

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Duration 12 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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