DWW-198-02 Foxy Boxing Made Real
Edita vs Antonia




Match: Edita vs Antonia

This is the second part of the topless boxing matches from the garden ring. This time there are 5 x 2 minutes rounds and the action is already getting more skillful since the girls got more used and trained for boxing. Edita became quite a good boxer and after she had broke Luzia’s nose in DWW-197 in this new match she makes Barbara crying like a baby. She’s quite some puncher! Antonia is made of “harder steel” than Barbara and although Edita boxes again aggressive and hits strong, Antonia can counter her attacks and also she’s able to hit hard punches into Edita’s face and nose, too. The last match is between Clara and Barbara and it is a very evenly fought battle. In all matches the referee had to call a count or interrupt the action much more often than just once. Great and aggressive boxing action for female boxing fans!

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Barbara (21) vs Edita (24)
Edita (24) vs Antonia (20)
Barbara (21) vs Clara (21)

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Duration 20 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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