DWW-202-02 Naked Slapping Fight
Andrea N vs Tiffany


Andrea N
Andrea N
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Andrea N vs Tiffany

This tape introduces a new level in catfighting. Warning: some customers will be shocked by the intensity and realism in these fights. There was no script. We gave the girls an idea for a scenario and asked them to imagine themselves feeling the outrage of the situation. We were surprised – no, we were staggered – by how realistic it was. The location is a private apartment.
Denise and Tiffany get into a ferocious catfight. As they struggle, Andrea comes into the room to defend her friend Denise. It gets completely out of hand. Two days later, Antonia comes to take revenge on Andrea.
These fights are as far as it can go before someone is injured. With incredibly heavy slapping, unrestrained hairpulling and painful wedgies, their clothes get ripped to little pieces until in each case the fighters continue to fight wholly nude to the finish. We could not believe how intense these matches became. There was a lot of trash talk too, which we have translated into English subtitles. Sometimes the subtitles are restrained versions of what was actually said.
When you see and hear this tape you will be convinced that all these girls must have been in such fights “in real life”. Usually we restrain our euphoria at DWW, but this is the best and most realistic catfight tape we’ve ever seen. We know for sure that we could not and would not produce anything that goes further. We are still reeling. It makes BSA videos look controlled.

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Three catfights, from dressed to nude
Denise (21) vs. Tiffany (25) continuing to
Andrea N. (25) vs. Tiffany (25) and later,
Andrea N. (25) vs. Antonia (20)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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