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Honza vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
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Mixed Wrestling


Match: Honza vs Luzia

This fantasy is a dream coming true for any man, regardless of whether he’s a mixed wrestling fan or not. Two young guys, being visited by one of the most beautiful young women, Luzia, are sitting in the kitchen and talking about female muscles and female fitness and asserting that women can’t be as strong as men. Luzia shows them her muscles and they try some arm wrestling. Then the girl challenges each to a wrestling match. The guys are enthusiastic and draw to see who will be the lucky first one. Luzia and Tom enter the living room and to Tom’s surprise Luzia suggests that both should wrestle without any tops of any kind. The sight of a topless Luzia is enough to weaken any man. But we don’t know if this alone was the cause of Tom’s troubles against this strong girl. When Honza has his turn he has more to do than he’d bargained for and his body doesn’t know if it should struggle, shudder or just enjoy the defeat. In the last match, Petra and Honza wrestle in a cosy apartment. All these matches are truly competitive, with the guys wrestling as hard as they can. But if you like to see gorgeous, young, strong women giving them a hard time then this is definitely a tape for you!

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Three topless mixed wrestling matches in an apartment
Luzia (21) vs. Tom (26)
Luzia (21) vs. Honza (21)
Petra (23) vs. Honza (21)

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