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Gloria (25), Anastasia (22)

Warning: Do not watch this catfight if you’re any fainthearted ! Gloria and Anastasia aren’t any friends at all. There has always been a kind of rivalry and hostility between them. Although they were professionals enough by not showing their hostility in their wrestling matches, all at once their still retained feud broke out during this apartment catfight. Gloria is a strong lady and Anastasia is a strong and muscular lady, too. There’s power and strength and lots of flexed biceps when these two sports athletes are fighting each other. This is a hell of a fight. It’s emotional, dresses ripped into pieces and nothing left until they’re completely nude. At one point one lady makes her opponent submit and cry. She doesn’t cry because of pain but particularly because of frustration. All her retained frustration suddenly leaves the thrilled body of the loser and consequently this is getting real and a matter of pride for her. There’s no love lost and there are no words left to describe the action that follows her aggressive sentence: “Do you want me to fight you for real ? I’ll show you !” —- As mentioned before, we really do warn any of the fainthearted NOT to watch this catfight. Our warning is neither a joke nor is it any of the advertising tricks. It’s honest truth ! This match is specially made for catfight experts and for extreme fight experts only and even those fans should better have nerves of steel while watching these two ladies catfighting each other !

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