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Iva vs Kriszta


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Iva vs Kriszta

Many DWW fans have asked us to release material we have held back from years ago, so here is the first item in our “Old Days” series. Three fights from DWW’s third Summer Event in 1997.
Two very petite girls, Annamaria and Julia V., who is from the Black Sea Amazons (BSA), really go at each other. Notice Julia remembering that she mustn’t pull hair! It’s Julia’s first time topless in front of an audience, and her desperate need to justify that by winning in front of her team lends her an extra nervousness to her demeanour. There are plenty of stand-offs as the two cats size each other up. These very light girls are evenly matched and a result is a very long time coming, as one simply forces the other into the mat while supporters scream their encouragement.
Annamaria gives Kriszta a really good match in the next fight, which is for long shoulder pins only, resulting in long breast-to-breast struggling.
The last fight is surprisingly short, given the evenness you might expect of these two delightful, sporting opponents. Revisit the Old Days with us and enjoy these pretty, slim young women taking each other apart!

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Three topless wrestling matches
Annamaria (20) vs. Julia (21)
Annamaria (20) vs. Kriszta (20)
Iva (22) vs. Kriszta (20)

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Duration 9 minutes
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