DWW-389-04 Big and Strong
Evi vs Daniela


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Evi vs Daniela

Summer Event 2005
For those who like big, strong, muscular, mature women in skilled competitive wrestling, this should head your wish list. Firstly, former world class rower, now rugby player, Tiffany faces big, blonde, beautiful Daniela in a topless match. A clash of huge biceps and strong thighs determines who is the stronger woman. Belgian wrestler Puma is small but muscular and very heavily built. In a non-topless match she takes on Reni, whose unbelievable strength comes from being a world class handball player. Her lack of wrestling knowledge is made up with phenomenal muscle power. Reni goes non-topless against Tiffany on the last day of the event but previous exertion had taken its toll and proved too much for one, who collapsed temporarily, so the match was stopped. Finally, perfectly matched evenly in size and weight, Evi and Daniela are very competitive, mature women who strip to their tangas and go to war in an intense meeting of flesh and power. There is a lot of pride at stake in this fight.

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Four wrestling matches, two topless
Tiffany (30) vs. Daniela (26) topless
Puma (30) vs. Reni (25)
Reni (25) vs. Tiffany (30)
Daniela (26) vs. Evi (27) topless

Additional information

Duration 19 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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