DWW-340-04 Beauties MMA
Olga Kr vs Svetlana Bl


Olga Kr
Olga Kr
Svetlana Bl
Svetlana Bl
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Olga Kr vs Svetlana Bl

Some people think that pretty girls don’t fight. Quite the reverse – pretty girls produce more rivalries! All these match-ups feature fist-fights with kicking and wrestling, in which the hair-pulling possibilities of cobra gloves are forgotten in favour of a decisive, full-on punch-up. You will be amazed at how much these girls take before they give. Evgenia, a young boxing champion with a pretty smile, brims with confidence. She is always willing to mix it, especially against tough taekwondo cookie Irina. Beautiful Maryna may be easier, although she isn’t afraid of a fight either. Neither is Irina best loved by Svetlana Kr. – an undercurrent of desperate emotion pervades this cruel encounter. Svetlana’s younger sister Olga and her petite opponent both enter the ring with a cocky air of confident youth. It explodes as one simply beats the stuffing out of the other! The finale shows pretty novice blondes going at it. Starting with polite kick-boxing techniques, one discovers that a hard thump in the face may well spark a fight in earnest, but it could be one you can win! All five fights end in ko or tko submissions.

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Five BSA extreme fights in the ring
Evgenia L. (19) vs. Irina Rm. (26)
Evgenia L. (20) vs. Maryna M. (21)
Svetlana Kr. (19) vs. Irina Rm. (26)
Olga Kr. (18) vs. Svetlana Bl. (22)
Tatyana T. (18) vs. Anna Ch. (18)

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Duration 11 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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