DWW-386-05 MMA with Slapping and Kicking
Maria vs Svetlana Kr


Svetlana Kr
Svetlana Kr
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Maria vs Svetlana Kr

The first three fights started the DWW Summer Event 2005 as our Catfight Menu Surprise. To ensure real catfight action no scissors were allowed.
Jana neither knows nor shows any mercy as she slaps much bigger Daniela half crazy. Daniela is close to crying.
Lenka and Renata B. wear two Miss Lay costumes. Who’s the real Miss? Who becomes Miss Laid? The two girls argue and one calls the other Miss Gay. The fight is on. Nothing held back between these two blondes; the action has some nice long hairpull schoolgirl pins for the connoisseur.
The girls in the third fight are from rival groups: intense rivalry produces punches and kicks, and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. It’s a real fight!
Having seen these you might wonder if it can get better. It does! Zambia, a petite, black, Belgian, natural-born fighter faces sturdy little blonde Valentina in DWW’s tribute to the film “The Mummy Returns” (2001). Zambia, the jungle Queen, soon loses her temper, forgets about rules and they fight, slap and pull hair on and off the mat without mercy. At the end, one girl wanted immediate revenge, lost control of herself, she started punching her opponent and she and had to be pulled off by her team mates.
Can it get any rougher? It can: the fifth match is between rivals who are trained kick-boxers and can also pull hair. It’s probably the most brutal of all. After seeing this you’ll need a rest.

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Five slapping catfights, partly topless
Daniela (26) vs. Jana N. (22) in jeans
Lenka (25) vs. Renata B. (28) as Misses
Maryna M. (23) vs. Valentina (21) in jeans and jeans shorts
Valentina (21) vs. Zambia (20) as Egyptian female warriors
Svetlana Kr. (25) vs. Maria (19) in bikinis and crop tops

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Duration 16 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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