DWW-434-03 HWW Xmas Event 2006
Orsi S vs Orsi


Orsi S
Orsi S
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Orsi S vs Orsi

The Losers of the three “Losers’ matches” in Round 2 were out of the competition while the winners of the “Losers’ matches” went straight into Round 3. The winners of the three “Winners’ matches” of Round 2 went straight into Round 4 while the losers of the “Winners’ Matches” had to match the other three women in Round 3. Therefore every match in Round 2 had very ambitious competitors and every woman had her own target. Nobody was keen to miss her chance and when you watch those matches you’ll find out that at least 6 women could have a chance to finally win this tournament, so equally matched they were. Skill, strength, muscles, athleticism, emotions, excitement and beauty: There was everything. It can’t get much better if you like the real thing. Beautiful sportswomen who can wrestle and who really like and enjoy to do this: What more do you expect ?
For more information about the rules and the tournament structure please read the lengthy description provided with DWW-432

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Featuring 4 matches from Round 2
Antscha (28) bikini vs Anita D. (25) bikini
Reni (26) bikini vs Angie/TAC (23) topless
Orsi (20) topless vs Orsi S. (22) bikini
Zsuzsa (23) topless vs Orsi K. (30) bikini

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